Jessie J Merch International Giveaway - 3 winners !

I have t-shirts GALORE ( 4 different designs )

signed Cds , 3 signed photos ,

an exclusive Jessie J scarf from Primark

and Jessie J branded Violent Lips Stickers.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. MBF this blog ( duh ) :)

2. Reblog this post as much as you can , you can like it as well.

3. Optional but will help : Follow my twitter & instagram @ohmygoshbritto


1. If Jessie sent these to you personally , why are you giving them away ?

- Im just asked to review the merch for the USA tour market, Im not required to keep the stuff, I just cant sell it. Plus I have plenty

2. Will you ship anywhere ?

- Yes

3. When and how will you notify the winners?

- I haven’t picked a close date yet but it’ll be a maximum of 10days. so start re-blogging , I will message the winner , and then post it once they have claimed their prize.

Best of Luck !! xx

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